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           I have i-am-online.jpegspent a bit of time searching for good   quality free sexy stories on the internet. Perhaps it is just me but I found most erotic fiction rather trashy and contrived. Which made my discovery of Housewife and Caveman all the more sweet and illuminating. Here we have an intelligent, honest, adventurous, sexy woman with an insatiably high libido writing about her sex life and relationships. She has very kindly allowed us to use some of our favorite excerpts from her blog, which you will find below. Enjoy, Karene Howie A guy meets his girlfriend and they dive into the world of sweet sex and passion, there’s no power on earth that could stop them… The clock on the wall has struck quarter to five. I was gonna go home in half an hour and got so sick of working all day just starring at this god damn computer. I thought of Amy. My Amy. I’ve known her for 9 years. We became friends, than we started dating. Back than when we were still living with our parents we didn’t really have the place to spend time together. So we would go to the back porch and make out there where no one could see us. We were so young and passionate we could kiss forever. We would cuddle and caress each other’s intimate places. Slowly, I would get so horny I would unbutton her shirt and have her breast right in front of me. And let me tell you, Amy’s got really nice tits. They are huge, I think D-cup. They are so perky with dark pinkish-brownish nipples. I remember how I prostrated myself before her breasts. I bit her nipple just a little bit and sucked on it and moved my tongue round and round. She unzipped my jeans and got to my dick. She jacked it for a while till her hand didn’t get moistured by my lubrication. Then she pulled my dick out of pants and got on her knees. I started playing with her. I moved my dick on her scarlet lips and she begged me “Let me suck it!” She was licking the dickhead and slowly moved further and further to the root. I grabbed her head with both of my hands and pushed it further and further. I banged my dick inside her throat, I fucked her mouth. I felt I was about to come and pushed her face towards my groin. I came in her mouth. Amy swallowed my load of sperm and neatly continued licking my dickhead. “Hold on, babe… I’m gonna make you cum now” I told her and turned her around. I crumpled her tit with one hand and with another I went down to her shaven pussy. When I got to her treasure I touched her pussy lips kinda teasing her. I slowly inserted my finger and felt it was wet in there. God it was wet and hot in there! Juices were flowing out of her pussy as I started making rhythmical moves with my fingers. Each time I added one more finger: forefinger, middle finger and the whole hand till my palm disappeared inside her pussy. Amy was going crazy; she scratched my neck with her nails. She curved and her face looked like she was sweating. Her entire body was shaking and she started moving her pelvis back and force. And then she came. She lost her mind in orgasm and screamed so loud I was afraid others would hear us. She leaned her body against mine. Her head was lying on my shoulder and she was whispering me sweet-love words “Love, honey, my babe, I need you… please, eat me out down there. “ “Anything you want, anything for you, Amy.” Once again she turned with her back to me and put her hands on the wall. I pulled down her jeans till her knees and I had a beautiful ass right in front of my face. Just the perfect size! I had two round tanned butt-cheeks to enjoy. She was wearing black strings but the line was hiding deep in the middle. I asked her to move her legs apart a bit wider. I got on my knees and moved her but-cheeks. I saw that cute tempting anal circle. I started touching her anal with my tongue. Sensually. I licked it and moved my tongue deep inside her anal. Deeper and deeper as far as I could make stretch my tongue. Amy was moaning from pleasure. She shivered. I moved my tongue in circles and felt her getting so over pleased. It was sensual seduction. She was moving and bent her knees like she wanted me to go deeper inside. She was riding her ass on my face. When she reached the point of orgasm she started shaking and she moaned so loud and for so long. Amy was so weak because of the overwhelming pleasure. She sat down on the floor with her eyes half open. I whispered “Honey, please hold on for a second. Just a little more.” I put her in a doggy style and grabbed her ass. I shoved in my dick inside her wet from my spit anal. My dick was as hard as a stone and it went all the way in. I started screwing her ass and banging my balls against her bum. Amy was so lost in her own pleasures she was moving her bum for me like she felt no pain. Or perhaps, it was that kind of pain which more of a pleasure. I made only like fifty moves and shot inside her ass. I turned her around and said “Are you ok, my love?” and she replied to me “I love you. I will die for you.” She kept on repeating those words and she was crying. Those were tears of happiness.

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