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Review My Site at Site-Connect.Net How do I improve my sites ranking and get the most traffic on Site-Connect.Net? In general, the more XPoints a member have, the higher that member own sites will rank. Also, the current top 10 ranking sites will always have a featured link on the homepage of Site-Connect.Net. Each member's web site can be allocated a certain percentage value of XPoints(XP). For example, if a member have 2 sites and 100 XPoints, that member can choose to have each site be allocated with 50 XPoints each or any other amount total up to 100 XPoints. The higher the allocation, the higher that site will rank in its category. More XPoints equals more reviews, therefore more traffic. Here are ways a member can earn XPoints: * Every website reviewed by member (max 200 reviews per 12 hours): 3 XP * Getting a vote for a helpful review: 2 XP * Everytime a member logs in per 12 hour period: 5 XP * Everytime a member verifies their email(every 1 days): 25 XP * Everytime a member verifies their web sites(every 2 days): 10 XP * Each new member referred: 25 XP * Response to an exchange within 24 hours(either agree or refuse): 2 XP * Reading an email sent by the system: 1 The best and most efficient way to earn XPoints is to review websites.